BioTracing Systems

Biotracing models to be deployed:

Mathematical Modelling of the S. aureus in the Dairy Food Chain.

Modern food chains have moved from being local and static to global and dynamic systems in which several elements, at distinct points in the chain, are responsible for the safety and quality of the food. This complexity causes problems when attributing the origin of biological agents (e.g. bacteria or toxins) to particular sources in the chain and in turn this hinders appropriate interventions. Robust mathematical modelling can assist the required decision-making processes that surround identification and tracing of contamination incidents.

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Salmonella in The Pork Chain

WP1 is a framework package that serves as a backbone for integrative research between the Modelling and Experimental WP's within BioTracer-IP. This includes a methodology for answering BioTraceability questions with links to current and future research.

General BioTraceability questions, Salmonella in the Slaughter Chain:

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